Unit 6 quiz Model Answer

Hi @bayodesegun
I passed unit 6 action quiz but could we not check the model answer for reference?
You can see we dont have the solution under the score where we usually have.

I could find the solution in unit 5 but not 6.
There is no model answer for this unit??

Which course is this? Perhaps the model answer is not set.

Oh, really?
Hope i can check the Model Answer when its provided.
It’s ROS2 Basic C++ Unit6 Action Quiz.

I confirm that that quiz has no solution file set → that’s why the gradebot did not show anything.

If we set it in the future, you will be able to see it without submitting the quiz again → you will have the option to see the solution when you click the submit button.

But don’t worry so much about the solution right now, because you have done very well in the quiz → the solution will be very similar to your code.

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Hello @reiko.iwamoto ,

The solution to this Quiz is now available.