Unit 6 robot doesn't move in Gazebo simulation

I am trying to do the unitl 6 and the robot in gazebo simulation doesn’t move. I don’t get any errors. I have commented out the line in trajectory_execution.launch.xml as explained in the guide.
In RVIZ the plan and the execution succeed:

This is my launch file:

and this my ros_contoller.yaml:
Could you help me? I have another question as well. Even if I added both the end-effector joints in the moveit_setup_assistant, in the harderware_inteface only one of them appears. Should I add the other one manually?
Thank you.

Hello @leorau ,

As per your 1st image, it appears you have some kind of issue with the TFs (RViz is not receiving TF data). Could you try to run your code again after restarting the simulation (ie. when you come back to the course). Please let us know if you are still having the same issue.