Unit not Completed

Doing the ROS2 Basics course Python and I was able to complete course#1 and course#2 but it still says course#2 Unit not Completed? Why?

Same problem for me.
I have finished Linux for Robotics course and only 25% of it is ticked.
And for that I think we must be in each unit more that the time specified as estimated time so that the algorithm will consider us as if we really completed the unit.
I wish that they solve this issue.

@hilljtyler @nabil.haidar1998

Just spend the time studying the units and doing the exercises and the system will detect your progress and update it accordingly. If you skip some of the exercise, this might happen.

One tip: just reading the notebook doesn’t make you understand the content of the course. You need to do the exercises. So, just doing a quick overview of the units and thinking you know it will not make you know it. You need to put the effort because this is not a video-based training; it is a hands on training.

Thanks for the reply,
I’m pretty sure I have made all the exercises and read all the text plus I have written down important notes on my notebook.
Maybe some of the exercises were easy to make since I have a good background on Linux so I finished them quickly.
I don’t think it’s a good idea to return and spend time on a course that I have already finished.
Any way to solve this?

Thank you.


Thank you for the feedback, we’ll look into this and let you know.

In the mean time, please don’t let this bother you - the completion percentage is just a visual aid and it does not affect your performance in the course.

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I have also this problem but with the multiple courses to be honest

Ok let us review the completion percentage system and figure out how to better tune it to the actual knowledge you acquired. Please allow us a few weeks to solve it

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Dear All,

We have made some changes. Please see the post below.