Unit8: Deep Learning

I am working on Unit8 Robot Deep Learning, On solving last exercise 6.3, using command
roslaunch my_rosbots_training start_training.launch, i am getting this type of statement attached in image:

Can some one explain this, beacuse due to which neither robot do anything and also i cannot see the graph using arosrun rqt_multiplot rqt_multiplot
rosrun rqt_multiplot rqt_multiplot

Hi Misbah,
the error on the screen is not an error but a warning. It is just indicating that the way to load parameters has changed in newer versions, so be prepared to change your code. But so far, that is not an error and the system should work.

If you robot doesn’t move, then you have another problem in your code.
In order to debug it:

  • use rospy.logdebug to add logs that should appear on screen indicating you where the code is going through
  • add those debug messages in each function and try to trace the program from start to the point that it is stopping

Let me know what you discover and I’ll help you moving forward

Thank you, problem has solved, :slight_smile:

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