Unit9: ReactJS not updating the webpage

I am working on Unit 9 of this course. Again the exercise given in this module is not working as mentioned in the course. Not the robot moves by pressing buttons.
I am sorry to say but most of the time the webpage donot updated by the changes we made for practice. It took alot of my time just to refresh things again and again but still result zero. I am thankful for the team specially bayodesegun who helped in this course problems.

Kindly check this. I am attaching the screenshots

I’m sorry I cannot reproduce the error you are talking about.

  • Are you doing things as indicated?
  • Remember you need to have the rosbridge server running for the robots to receive the command and move.
  • Also, try resetting the simulation if you have done the above and the robot still doesn’t move.

Ok i will follow the instructions and will let you know.

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