[URGENT] Rosjects disappeared

My Rosjects with my project work have disappeared this morning. I am still working on my projects, There was no alert saying the projects will be removed. How can I get them back? My whole team of 5 other ppl is experiencing this issue. Please solve.

Mine also. I am taking the python ROS in five days course and I was working on Part 1 of the course project (driving the Turtlebot around the perimeter of the oval course between .2 and .3m from the wall). My name is raykimber.

Same with me. The total space that the projects occupy is as it should be, but I cannot see me rosjects.

Hi @dmavridis @raykimber @swethay

Because of a bug in the code, private rosjects were not showing. Nothing was lost, just that they were not shown on the interface.

It’s now fixed. Please refresh your browser and try again.

I sincerely apologize for the trouble.