Use this course on my machine

Hello hope you’re doing great

I want to ask if there’s any way to try all the codes on my machine including the gazebo simulation and everything

Because sometimes i have problems with the internet

If there’s any solution it will be appreciate

Thank you

Hello @raouf_dannaoui,
Do you already have a local ros2 installation on your computer ?

If you want to test to test the code on your local installation, you can follow the instruction in this rosject which describe how to do it:
Tell me if you can properly access to this rosject.

Thank you EnzoGhisoni, I appreciate your response :smile:
And for the worlds that are used in the construct simulation courses?

Hi @raouf_dannaoui,
I don’t know for the specific world of the construct courses. If you just want to test your codes, it should not change to much to use a different simulation.
If you want to use a specific world for your simulation, you can take a look at the turtlebot3_simulations package to how to configure a robot spawn in gazebo and change the world variable to select the world you want.

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