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I tried the the Construct a while back and loved the lessons & simulator combination, but found the use of a built-in IDE, without easy access to things like source control, a bit of an impediment, as was trying to do everything on one screen through a web interface. I know the concept here is to be able to do everything on the web instead of having to run local resources, but if there was a way to work with the lessons here using a local editor(maybe VSCode?), it would be a serious step forward, and would honestly boost the platform to something I’d be willing to go all-in and pay for. On my local IDE, I have all my keyboard shortcuts, Git, ChatGPT integration, etc. Note: I don’t want to have to run all of this locally - the simulator is a huge win. I just want to be able to treat my ROS projects as a remote folder.


Sometimes I downloading the src folder into my local ros2_ws folder, edit and upload the modified files.

With using github it can be done without downloading.
Just git add/git commit/git push on your local env and git pull on the web env.

But I am very interested in setting up simulations locally because the web env consumes a lot of internet and I can not sleep the web environment. I always have to start everything from the start if I lost internet connection or close the session.


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Your points are noted. However, as this would take significant development time, it needs to be something in high demand.

To start with, none of you have voted this feature :wink:.

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Dear @bayodesegun

For me, its more important that the rosds can not preserv its running state.
An idea about the local editor:
If you can provide ros2_ws directory as an nfs, maybe we can attach it locally. I hope that is not super hard.

Thank you in advance

For your ears only :wink: - we are “secretly” working on this, and might have it sooner than later. Trust me, it’s super hard but we are stopping at nothing to give you a better experience.

Probably not, but we would also need to provide a way for you to access the simulation and notebooks from your favorite IDE so that you would not need to switch windows. :crossed_fingers:

Actually, switching windows here is part of the reason to want IDE support. On a pretty standard 24" monitor, it’s difficult to code, see the simulator, etc. all on one screen without some of the components being very, very small. If I’m following a course, I’ve usually got an IDE in full screen on the right, and the left screen split between the lesson and whatever simulator/run configuration I’ve got open. With that in mind, I don’t think you’d have to provide full simulation or notebook access to improve the experience. It’s actually better if you don’t.

Talking about implementation, NFS could be insecure, and I can 100% see a complete “local” experience being a serious challenge. At the same time, something as simple as allowing SSH connections would enable remote development for a lot of common IDEs.

I saw your note about votes, so I just voted on it, and fingers crossed on more folks doing the same :wink: I’m pretty new on the ROS/Robotics side, but I’ve got a lot of experience with DevOps & Infrastructure automation, and wouldn’t mind contributing to these types of “experience” features.

Oh, and I see you’ve adjusted the name here, but I think me & peterborkuti are looking for different feature sets. I’m just fine with the simulator staying online. :slight_smile: That and the integrated lessons are the reason I’d rather use this platform.

Also just noticed a similar feature request here. SSH Access to VM

Thanks for providing more context. We’ll consider it as soon as we can.