Using a realsense 2 camera with the find_object_2d package

Hello, so I am using a Realsense 2 camera and I have connected the camera information to be able to do 2D object detection yet I can’t seem to get it to work on the find_object_3d.launch file, any help as to what I need to change or do to get it work so I can use it to print the 3D pose of objects.
Thank you in advance - James

Hi! Welcome to the Forum!

So check that the topics are the correct ones, there might be some issue there.

Also for object detection , you might have a look at the Manipulators course where the simple_grasping python package is used for perception and that works quite well for object grasping.

If what you want is object recognition , it might be better to use a compination of DeepLearning Object recognirion with segmentation with pointcloud for the position publication.