Using Jetson Nano/ Unit 3 / creat the UI python script:

when i want to excute the Command : roslaunch my_ignisbot_collision_avoidance_pkg start_collision_avoidance_data_collection.launch
i have this problem

maybe because i dont know what should to do here:

should here to excute SetBool.srv or to make srv.File???
when i try to excute it, i get this problem:

and here should i to comment these Lines??

thank you.

it looks like a package is missing in the system (python3-tk). It should be installed by default.
Let us check why is this happening and come back with the solution.

About the SetBool.srv file, that is something not well explained in the documentation. The text says Execute the following commands in the WebShell and then shows in a single cell the command you must execute and the output of it. The command is:

cat SetBool.srv

That is not the correct command. The correct command should be:

rossrv show SetBool

Then you should see the output of it like this:

bool data
bool success
string message

The documentation has mixed the wrong command with the response of the right command in a single cell. That is why you got confused. We are correcting this right now.

In any case, all that is just for information purposes and for letting you better understand how the training system is working. Hence, the error you are experiencing is not due to your lack of issuing that command, but because there is a missing library in the system.

We are correcting this problem right now and come back to you when installed again.

I apologize for the inconvenience.

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