USING OPENAI WITH ROS: Unit 2: Problem by launching "my_cartpole_training"


I did everything according to the cource, but I encountered the following problem when I try to start “my_cartpole_training”:
user:/$ roslaunch my_cartpole_training start_training.launch
[start_training.launch] is neither a launch file in package [my_cartpole_training] nor is [my_cartpole_training] a launch file name

I also get an error when I try: user:/$ roscd my_cartpole_training
roscd: No such package/stack ‘my_cartpole_training’

What did I wrong?


Hi @radik,

Have a look at the executable mode of the python file you are executing. It could be just that it’s not executable.

To make it executable: chmod +x fileName