ValueError: None values not supported. (Technical Question)

Hi there,
I’m trying to run the same code on my system not the online one, everything worked properly to the point where tensorflow tensors start operating to launch the training process. I keep getting ValueError and NoneValues not supported, though I checked that the matrices are being filled properly with the relevant data with the right shapes.
I have screen shots of the output below. I really appreciate any technical advice with that, I will definitely be referencing the course and the code in my project.
Many thanks,


Have you checked that versions of keras is the same?
Are you executing the simulation? It may be that the input image is not getting there?

Thanks for the quick reply,
I don’t know which Keras version is the right one, I can always pip the right version, I’m using the most recent one I guess.
As for the input images, I quite sure they are added since I’m just using the images from the github for testing no simulation at the moment.
May I know which Keras Tensorflow versions are the right ones used?


import keras