Virtual Boundary

We are involved in a project for class trying to solve the conjoined yard problem for robot mowers. Given two yards with no barrier between them, how would the mower determine not to cross into the neighbor’s yard. We are looking for a solution avoiding burying a wire in the ground. Our ideas so far are to use a temporary fence that would create a map boundary or generate a false boundary when triggered by a service or action a specific distance from the side of the robot as it is driven around the perimeter. We are using ROS and are novices in it. Any suggestions for generating this false boundary? Would the temporary fence idea work? Any other suggestions?

Hello @mewescott,

Well, there are many different ways to approach this problem. For instance… do you have a map of the environment you are going to navigate? If you do have a map, you can create an imaginary barrier by editing the original map file. You can have a look at this video: