Waiting for service to become available

Any help will be much appreciated, I keep getting the result below but the service is available in the service list. The service is ‘find_wall’.

user:~$ ros2 service call /find_wall std_srvs/Empty '{}'
waiting for service to become available...
user:~$ ros2 service list

Thanks in advance for the help.

Hi @stphnlght ,

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I think your command is wrong. I believe the command should be as follows:
ros2 service call /find_wall std_srvs/srv/Empty '{}'

Try this and let me know if that worked for you.


Thanks for the help but I seem to fall in the same situation

user:~$ ros2 service call /find_wall std_srvs/srv/Empty '{}'
waiting for service to become available...

Any Help Please?
I would really appreciate, been stuck here for a while

Can you check that your service is still running in the terminal where you are running it. It could have crashed, for instance.

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