Want to do stability analysis on the robot with flippers/tracks using Normalised energy stability margin

Couldn’t find much about it anywhere. Any help would be appreciated.
The robot have 4 flippers/tracks so it will have 4 contact points and I have found the center of gravity as well.
I want to check if the posture is stable and change the pose if not.
I have no idea about NESM, so any help would be appreciated.
I’ve found some formulas with two contact points and I am confused which two contact to take since I have four of them.
I would also like to know what is a static axis in a robot ?
Thanks in advance !


It would be clearer your question if you shared with us a ROSject or git with the simulation of the robot to know exactly what you mean by what you are asking. Because the answer could be loads of things. Please share with us a ROSject to be more explicit.