What about accessing Enterprise courses for an anual subscription

Hello! My monthly subscription is about to end. I would like to know if I purchase a one-year subscription, am I also able to access Enterprise courses?

Hello @robo_mike

No, the one-year subscription does not grant access to enterprise courses.

We are using enterprise courses for enterprise-level training at the moment.

Thank you for the reply! I don’t really agree with that, because r.a. 400$ for a one-year subscription is not little for everyone. You could restrict some content so only enterprise companies have access, but not the whole course. Maybe you can change this soon.

I understand how you feel. However, we would need to have unlimited resources to cater for everyone. Not everyone can even afford the regular monthly or annual subscription. We do our best to make our courses affordable (we even offer free courses), but we need to be profitable to continue to run the platform.

The value of an enterprise course is beyond the learner subscription. Compared with the regular annual subscription of ~$400, we used to offer annual enterprise access for ~$2400! Now we use the enterprise courses for enterprise instructor-led training because we see that’s a better way to make the best of those courses, for us and our clients.

Ok now this makes sense to me. But one last thing I would like to ask for the annual subscription. What benefits and differences in contrast to the monthly subscription does the annual program provide? Based on the screenshot bellow I don’t see any differences except that one is for 12 month and the other only for one (and of course the price). Are there for example more learning paths, or is the course structured differently etc.?

Good observation. They are basically the same, just some slight differences:

  1. The monthly plan’s payment is automatically renewed every month until it is cancelled while the yearly plan is a one-off payment.
  2. The yearly plan offers a savings of 80.64 euros over the monthly plan, for paying 12 months at a go.

By the way, we are currently offering a self-led version of the enterprise subscription, for 1500 euro for a year.

Thank you very much for the information. Basically, there is no difference as I stated before except that I save 80€. Furthermore, please correct the typos encountered in nearly every topic. It’s not easy to grasp every-time the content by so many mistakes. THX.

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Thank you for your feedback.

Are you referring to the topics in this post or the course notebooks? If the latter, could you please point out specific typos for correction? Thanks in advance.

No, I’m referring to the course content. There are a lot of them which I encountered while working out the course content. Therefore, it would be recommended to create here a course-content-mistakes section where everyone can post the typos and mistakes, so it will be more convenient for you to fix them.

Hi robo_mike thanks a lot for your feedback.

Are you talking about English typos or code typos?

I am the CEO of The Construct and I’m really concerned about typos (in the sense of bad English in the text and in the sense of code has typos so it doesn’t run).

I understand how annoying they are. That is why we have a team that manages that: one team for English typos and another for code typos. We have a known procedure to correct everything, so typos should not be there. We are putting a huge effort into that, so if you found typos, there is something really bad in our procedure, or somebody is not doing his job.

Could you spot one example?

Thank you very much

Hi @rtellez I know who you are :slight_smile:

Are you talking about English typos or code typos?

I am talking about English typos and mistakes which distract someone from understanding the content. I am now at the C++ ROS2 course. When I encounter any mistake or typo I will post it here. But I don’t want to be the one to cause problems for someone in your team. This is actually a matter for TheConstructsim. What I find particularly funny is that no one has noticed that so many errors are present.

OK, I understand. Thank you.

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Wow what is this I wanted to renew for one year-subscription and I saw that the price has risen to € 439. Why did you do that?

Personally, I haven’t seen many typo’s so far, and certainly not to that extent that it bothered me.

There’s a typo in the ROS2 Basics in 5 days C++ Galactic, Chapter 3 about Topics:
“[…] what is needed for the CMakaelist.txt to work:”


Hi @robo_mike
we are constantly changing our system to provide the best learning experience. This implies to act on several points.

Anyway, let me know if you still want to renew with the old price (399€) and we will send you a payment link that keeps the old price and conditions. This offer is only available until the end of next week.


Hi @rtellez and thank you for the offer. Yes I would like to purchase the annual plan for 399€.

THX again!

Thanks for your confirmation.

Please send an email to info at theconstructsim dot com referencing this post and requesting the payment link.

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