What is C++ Boost::Bind()

Folloing code snippet from the ROS action C++.
I am not able to get what boost::bind does? I tried reading the documentation of C++ Libraries and boost::bind, Can any one explain what is happening here?

FibonacciAction(std::string name) :
as_(nh_, name, boost::bind(&FibonacciAction::executeCB, this, _1), false),
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Hi @adityasrichandan3098,

One of our C++ experts will take a look at this. Until then, I’d suggest you move on unless this is blocking you somehow.

Perhaps, if you are not familiar with C++, you can also take the Python version of the course.

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Thanks! @bayodesegun! I have done the python version of the course already, I want learn using c++. Meanwhile I will look into more resources for boost c++ libraries.

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Great to hear that you have finished the Python version of the course! In that case, I think it’s just better to learn C++ separately, especially since course content is the same for C++ and Python.

You have a good point wanting to learn C++, as it’s needed for advanced ROS (controllers and so on).
We might have a course for C++ soon, just as we have for the Python language.

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