What is the syllabus for the ROS Beginners Exam?

I was wondering what are the topics I must revise and perfectly train so I can get a good score in ROS Exam?

Hi @vasank1958,

The syllabus of ROS Beginners Exam consists of the courses on the ROS for Beginners path. We expect learners to go through all the non-optional courses on that path before attempting the exam. The exam tests all the concepts taught in the courses.

In order to get a certificate for the path, you need to pass:

  • all assessments in the individual courses on the path.
  • the final exam.

what do you mean by optional courses? I cannot find any evident mark to distinguish them

Hi Davide,

Optional courses are the ones that do not contribute to your final grade (but might contain the knowledge you need to pass the exam of the path). As of the time of creating this post, we had some optional courses (on Python and Linux) on the path, but those have been moved to a different path.

PS: I have updated the links to the learning path and its exam, as there have been a lot of changes to the website after this post was created.

ok, so I see that “Create Your First Robot with ROS” doesn’t contain quizzes, so it would be considered optional but still relevant for the exam, correct?

Yes, it’s an optional course, but in this case is mostly hands-on and does not reflect in the exam that much.

I’ve updated my earlier post to reflect this.