What to do when grading freezes?


What is the best course of action to take if grading freezes? I’m trying to do the services quiz in Unit 3 of RosBasicsIn5Days, and it has been stuck for 25min here:

Do you refresh? Grade again? I don’t want to miss chances etc or get stuck with an incomplete.

Firefox restarted in the middle and now I’m stuck here:

Hi @elizabeth.wills,

We’re sorry for this error and the inconvenience it brought :cold_sweat:. You’ve done the most important part already - contacting us.

Should this error happen again, please:

  • close the browser window or tab.
  • Don’t retry submission immediately. This is because the grading process is most likely still running in the background and might cause the instance to freeze.
  • start another course. This should reset your instance and stop the running grader.
  • Go back to the course and retry the quiz again.
  • contact us if you still cannot submit or your trial has been “wasted”.

I have checked and found that the grading process did not complete, so could you please try submitting it again?

I tried, and it did work again. Except I didn’t source the terminals in restarting, so the grade is rather poor. It also seems to think I’ve viewed the solution now too - is it possible to resubmit or shall I just move on? I don’t mind the failing grade for a goofy mistake, if it doesn’t keep me from moving on.

Okay, you may retry now, but I don’t think the poor grade has anything to do with sourcing the terminals.

Since I hadn’t recompiled after adding a custom package, it couldn’t find the main message needed to make the robot move. anyway, thank you.

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