Where are differences between melodic and kinetic?

I have finished the ros basics course, and can create simple packages by myself, I know what we used is ROS kinetic, now I am using the melodic in my ubuntu laptop, when I type roscd, it go to a fold /opt/ros but not catkin_ws/devel. So I want to know what are the differences between them? I did not see any src folders in /opt.

Hi Jianshu,
there are no differences at the level of ROS Basics between ROS Kinetic and ROS Melodic. So whatever you learnt on that course works exactly the same way for both distributions.

The reason you get directed to /opt/ros on your local machine with Melodic, instead of going to ~/catkin_ws is because you have not created a catkin_ws in your local folder, nor you have sourced that workspace.

How to do those steps?

  • We included those steps as extra appendices (1 and 2) on the ROS Basics Python, but unfortunately we did not include those at the ROS Basics C++ that you were doing (our mistake). We are going to add those along this week.
    In the meantime, you can check those steps in the ROS Basics Python course, so you will understand how to do it.
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