Where is IDE window?

I am doing course programming drones with ROS - 2nd lesson, and I have a problem in exercise 1.2, part d… I see python script just in the common terminal but in the top window, I don’t see this script / maybe because it is not IDE… please, where I can find this IDE window for modification of python scripts?
Thank you

Hi @harishkumar.nimmala,

Can you check that you have created the python script in the right directory? Only files and folders created under /home/user/catkin_ws/src are shown in the IDE.

I have python script teleop_twist_keyboard.py in /home/user/teleop_twist_keyboard… ordinary for modification scripts in terminal windows I use command nano which doesn’t work. What command I should use for open of python script? Thx

Hi @kusmirek.stanislav,
try ‘cat’ and ‘vim’ those two Terminal-editors work. You can always copy or move files with the terminal to your ~/catkin_ws/src/ and then open them in IDE

Linux move:
Linux copy:

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Thanks @simon.steinmann91 for your kind input. Let me take it further.

@kusmirek.stanislav, to copy that file to a place where you can see it in the IDE file explorer, run the command below in any of the shells:

cp /home/user/teleop_twist_keyboard.py /home/user/catkin_ws/src

After that, you should see this file in your IDE file explorer (to the left of the IDE area). From there, you can copy/move it into any other folder of your choice, using drag and drop or copy/paste.

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