Where is ROS2 Basics Humble (Python) course?

I started that course and I have about 40% of progress there, but today I cannot find the course anywhere. It disappeared with my progress and my work. Where is it and how to continue the work on it?

I think that the humble and basics have been merged. Personally in the C++ course it’s the case

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Hello @Ipogorelov ,

As @Kickmaker correctly indicates, the course is now named ROS2 Basics in 5 Days (Python). We had 2 different versions of the course (Galactic and Humble), so now we’ve merged them into the Humble version to clarify things.

In addition to what @Kickmaker and @albertoezquerro have said, I want to add that you are in fact still taking the Humble version of the course, and your progress and files should still be intact. Try refreshing the page if it appears not to be so.

It’s the same course, but it just got ‘more humble’ by dropping the ‘humble’ in its title :smiley:.

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