Where to post errors in learning material?


i’m going through the 5 day basics course and i’ve stumbled unto a few small errors. Mostly i’ve solved them on my own, but i’m guessing you would like to know about these to fix them?

Any case, where do we forward this to? one thing ive noticed just now is how i think you were meant to write “execute this in shell #2”. Small thing, but since it’s the first time we use the 2nd terminal, i think its actually quite relevant.

Nonetheless, awesome work you guys do!

Hello @torpanvil,

Actually, I think this forum is the best place where to put this kind of feedback. So please, feel free to let us know your comments so that we can keep improving our courses. By the way, we are really happy to hear that you are enjoying our work!


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Unit 4 has a few errors in it. The python code is written in Python 2.
Additionally, the subscriber in the code is written as ‘counter’ vs. what I believe should be ‘/counter’

Additionally, on the Introduction, the course is supporting the reason it uses Kinetic (even though it is now using Noetic) so you might want to update that as well.

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@albertoezquerro In OpenCV Basics for Robotics, chapter 2 - Computer Vision Basics, subsection 2.3 Loading and writing an image, there is an error in the sample code

The error:

#Save the image "img" in the current path 


#Save the image "img" in the current path 

It should have been comma instead of dot before img

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Hi, I wanted to point out that in the course Basic Arm Kinematics, chapter 3- Forward Kinematics, There is a hyperlink applied to the entire page, the content and the code on the page. This transfers me to https://app.diagrams.net/ anytime i click on the code to copt it. Due to this, I have to manually type in each line of code.

Kindly look into it.

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Thanks @Joseph1001. I will look into these errors right away.

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These errors have been fixed.