Where's Live Class #81?

I can’t find the live class #81 which you said in Robot Iginite. Where can I access it? Would you please give me the text file of Jupyter notebook (saying the manual) so that I can create the virtual environment following that document?

Hi @dkfkgks1218cf7a77dc90654b63,

Live Class #81 is now live, sorry for the delay.

Oh, sorry, I didn’t know it has delay because I’m not familiar with here…sorry again;;

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Hi @dkfkgks1218cf7a77dc90654b63,

Don’t worry you didn’t do anything wrong, it’s my fault. We hold the live classes on Tuesdays and normally have the recorded sessions on the Robot Ignite Academy site by the following day (Wednesday), but this time I couldn’t add it on time and just added it today. Thanks for being so understanding!