Why doesn't my grading show explicitly which parts went wrong?

why is it that when i send my prerequisites exam for correcting, i get the screen as shown:

However, after looking through the forums, i realise that other people get their grading for each task separately, making it easier to debug and rectify errors as such:

How do i get a detailed report like the latter image? Thanks

Hi @izzatfadzlon,

Welcome to the Community and thanks for the feedback!

We do show a detailed report of what worked and didn’t for every quiz, but only while the grader is running. Once the grader finishes, we show the final score only.

We have a feature request to show the details at the end also, so you can cast your vote for this if you want to see it sooner :wink:

hi @bayodesegun, thank you for the reply. However for my case, all I see while the grader is running is this:

which has no indication of the parts I got right/wrong. Is there an issue with my account specifically?

No @izzatfadzlon,

I don’t think anything is wrong with your account. And, don’t worry, all these will be taken care of when the feature request is implemented.

Thank you, I will be really looking forward to that feature request. Is there an estimated time before this feature will be implemented, and will there be a notification for users once it is implemented? I’ve spent hours on this quiz not knowing which part I’ve gotten wrong even though every part seems to be done correctly and it’s mildly bothersome.

However, even with these small annoyances I can’t forgo the fact that this website is very well done and I am extremely thankful for the tutorials. Looking forward to your reply, cheers!

I know the pain of not knowing what’s wrong with the code, and I’m sorry you are facing that. But I’m afraid I can’t give an estimated time for this, but we plan to work on it in January. And, yes, we’ll let users know when this feature is implemented.

Thanks for your compliments and patience.


Im having the same issue and despite my code working in the practice area, and seeming to be correct, I’m only getting a score of 3.5

I have no idea where the problems might be. Is there another way I can get some feedback for my exam? Can I email my code for review?

Thanks in advance


Hi Steve,

If your code is running in the practice area but if failed by the grader, please check that you have created your code exactly as instructed (file and folder names, etc).


Please see images…(Delete it this is spoilers for others).
It shows as failing to recognize file system despite it being accurate.



it then proceeds to fail me on all the linux elements including the squares not performing correctly.

Hi, it looks like you forgot to add the shebang in your code.

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As @textzip, you need to create your files with the proper shebang so that they will be recognized and bash files. Also, ensure your Python files are executable (chmod +x ...)

Looks like it was the shebang. Thanks! :slight_smile: