Why is it not getting fixed?

Respected Prof,
I was working with exe 4.1 in Part 5 of ROS Basics. I wanted to see two .launch and .py files side by side in IDE. So I dragged one to the other side of the screen, same as the one shown in the pic below

After I compared the two files, I wanted them to merge back. So I tried to put one file in the other, like in example shown below

Disaster happened after I tried the above merging thing. Since I merged them both, .launch and .py files, I cannot open both now. I double click .py file, it opens. When I double click .launch file, it opens and the .py file disappears. I can’t open both files simultaneously. I’ve shown that below.

And the default look of the IDE is also changed. Now they don’t open like tabs. They open only in one half of the screen and does not cover the whole screen as shown above. If you see the pics above, it doesn’t have that cross to close the tab. So even if I go to Part 6 or Part 4, this file will still be open and can’t be closed.
Whether I restart the browser, or whether I close and reopen it, this exercise_4_1.py will always be open.
I tried to find any option like change settings to default etc, but I couldn’t find it.


Unfortunately, I could not reproduce the problem you had. However, if you close your browser and come back in about 20 minutes, your IDE should automatically reset.

If you wish to view files side by side, they should still open in tabs (with close buttons), as shown in the images below. To return to the normal view, you just need to close one of the files.