Why my robot is not moving?

I am working on the service quiz.
Please find the attached picture of my service code and calling code. What wrong am I doing because my robot is not moving at all?


My recommendation is follow this steps to detect where is the error:

  1. Check if when calling the service server through command line ( no server client in python ) cmd_vel message is publish inside the /cmd_vel.
  2. Check also if cmd_vel moves the robot in the first place, because maybe you are publishing in the wrong topic.
  3. If both the cmd_vel publishing works and calling through the webshell commands to the server works, then is something to do with the python client. If it didnt work when calling the server through commands, it might be the server or the wrong cmd_vel topic. If publishing directly in the cmd_vel works, then its the server.

If you have tried everything here and you cant see where is the problem , let us know and we will have a deeper look then.

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