"Why You Need To Learn Linux" video error


I started now the first path… and I see in Firefox and Chrome too “Youtube error”, I can’t connect to this video. Maybe it not so important, but… maybe I will have similar cases… at different steps. Therefore I shared…

How to fix it?


http://rosds.online link not works

all links in this section…

Hi @sb1,

thanks for letting us know about the issue when loading the YouTube video.

With regards to http://rosds.online, it’s right that somehow it was not loading properly today, but not it’s back again.

I’ll let you know once the YouTube video issue is solved.

Btw, very cool site. I really love that courses. :heart_eyes:

I think, the video not so important as i saw.

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Hi @sb1,

Great to hear that you like our system.

I was just informed that the video issue has been solved.

When you load the academy the next time, it should load properly now.

Once again, thank you very much for letting us know about the issue. It helped us identifying and solving it fast.