Workspace just disappeared in ROSDS

Hello so I was working on a very important project for my class and this is a RDS problem. my rosject was kinda of slow so I logged out and logged back in and to my surprise I can’t find the simulation and a bunch of other workspace. I hadn’t backed up my files for a while and had made a lot of progress…please how do I get it back

And the files on my github have suddenly disappeared as well.
I have no Idea what is happening. This is a super important project of mine and how does it just disappear from the platform???

Hello @kikisarpong05,

We have restored a previous version of your rosject named Perception project, which contains around 700MB

You should be able to open it again in ROSDS.

About your GitHub repository, we don’t have any privileges to perform such action, it wouldn’t be possible for ROSDS to reach that repository.

Please, let me know if you can access your files again.


Hello thanks a lot I can see the perception project now but for some reason, my other “Final Project” just disappeared as well. I don’t know why this is happening to me. sorry for the fuss.

and thanks for the additional help

Hello @kikisarpong05,

I noticed your Final Project currently has around 200MB and previous versions around 100MB. Are you sure your files are not there?

Please let me know if you have dealt with that already.

Regards So some time after I noticed they weren’t there. I opened it up and the files that appeared in the Final project were the “perception project” files instead of my actual “Final project”. Idk how but I just created another Rosjet and uploaded my personal saved files for the final project into it. Thats what I’ll be doing from no one just to be safe.