You need a subscription to create more than ten rosjects

HI there!

I’m trying to make use of my booking for real robot test, but I get:
You need a subscription to create more than ten rosjects.

How can I deal with it?


Did you manage to book at the end?
Now the real robot lab is only for people that have the plans that give access to it. The free users dont have access now to it.

Hello Miguel!

Thank you for your reply! I’ve wanted to test the robot with my students. I with have between 5-8PM, Wednesday (Barcelona hour).

  • I have been trying to get the booking just when you were making the transfer. I have mostly rosjects from the old platfom from the LIVE LESSONS and few from you.
  • The new platform was keep saying: “You need a subscription to create more than ten rosjects”, six days ago.

Now the platform let’s me make a ROSJECT, (that’s why I think it was a glitch of the system), but I cannot make a booking, as FREE USER, because I had a booking :))

Now it’s the new FREE booking session until 13 december, but I cannot use since… I’ve had a booking :slight_smile: It would have been nice to try something with my students during the class.

In any case, you have a lovely setup and for sure I’ll pay another subscription, when I have some spare time in January or so.

All the best,