Your executeCallback did not set the goal to a terminalstatus. This is a bug in your ActionServer implementation. Fix your code! For now, the ActionServer will set this goal to aborted

Please help to solve this issue.


Sorry to hera you found an error in the code. Could you indicate exactly which exercise and what you would hope for it to do? Thanks

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I’ve got the same issue, I’m doing the Actions Quiz.
When I publish the goal this warning comes up on the main program.

This was because the CustomActionMsgResult was not used, I thought it wasn’t required because it was empty but I think it still needs an empty response to avoid the bug? Hope this helps anyone with the same issue :sweat_smile:

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When I try to use the CustomActionMsgResult I get an error that “SimpleActionServer instance has no attribute ‘publish_result’”

Hi, can you give me a little more information about this error? What Unit are you working on, and can you share your code?

It was for the Unit 8 Actions Quiz. Even with the message I passed the quiz - since then I’ve played with the code a bit, so I don’t have the problematic version any longer. But thanks for checking.

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Hi, I am in Unit 9 in the Actions Quiz part. I, too still have a similar problem but it does not affect my program that much. In order to avoid the warnings, since our ‘result’ in CustomActionMsg.action is empty, I wrote it something like this instead :

==== In my action server python file ====

if success: = 'Taking off done'

==== End =====

My take is that we don’t necessarily have to include the result just like how we did it in the exercise.