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Hello @staff ,

We’ve learned a lot about robotics, but it’s all done on simulation software.

Recently I had a bold idea that I would like to assemble a real robot cart by myself. But I don’t know anything about hardware.

So, please ask if there is a course or other resource that systematically introduces this, or a website that offers a full set of hardware.

I think this would be a good topic for ROSer.


Hey zlwnge,

Big enterprise! Very cool! Please let us knows how that goes :eyes:, it’s very interesting.

There’s some very good resources online:

Hope that helps!

Hello @zlwnge,

in addition to the resources shared by @GasPatxo, I can recommend this course on our Academy:

Create Your First Robot with ROS

What You Will Learn:

  • From idea to real robot
  • How to mount a real robot
  • How to create a simulation for the robot
  • How to control your robot with ROS
  • Advanced Utilities: Autonomous Navigation, Deep Learning

Additionally we provide cad files and build instructions for a robot named Ignisbot.
This is the link to the resources:

And there is a related course also:

Hope this helps, enjoy building!


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Hi @GasPatxo and @rzegers ,

Thank you for your guidance first.

I have thought carefully about your suggestions and was greatly inspired. I will get my hands on it and make it happen in the near future.

Thank you very much. And I also hope more ROSer will join this discussion or be inspired by it!


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