ADD Light or LED Plugin to JIBO

Hi experts @staff, I am sorry to trigger you every time, but I really use this feature when my attempts have run out!
So I was trying to add light or led to my robot. To be honest I found the website which you recommended on the final of the exam very complex, because it is all in C++ (My limitation), and I am working using Python. So I have searched deeply and found an “easier” tutorial here from Open source Robotics Foundation:
I was really excited to do that. However the topic “light” does not appear. This is because on the beginning of Tutorial, they say that it is mandatory to have as a dependency the subt_gazebo pkg.
And then I downloaded and compiled this pkg from source, considering that it is not possible with Sudo apt-get (it is not provided).
Ok this Package is very huge, and I am having a dependency issue, which I could not solve alone because I did not find any pkg to compile:

So what is this error about? how to solve it? Because without solving this issue I think I cannot run the plugin. I have downloaded all the OSRF repository
However, I did not find a pkg written specifically subt_gazebo.

What path should I follow in order to be able to add light to Jibo?

obs: After adding this snippet of code (plugin) to my urdf and adjust it to it, the Gazebo did not open the scenario anymore, instead the URDF keep correctly being produced by using the tool “check_urdf”

  1. <! – Led Plugin -->

  2. <gazebo>
  3. <pose>0 0 0.5 0 0 0</pose>
  4. <link name='light_link'>
  5.   <visual name='light_source'>
  6.     <pose>0 0 0 0 0 0</pose>
  7.     <geometry>
  8.       <sphere>
  9.         <radius>0.025</radius>
  10.       </sphere>
  11.     </geometry>
  12.     <material>
  13.       <ambient>1 1 1 1</ambient>
  14.       <diffuse>1 1 1 1</diffuse>
  15.       <specular>1 1 1 1</specular>
  16.       <emissive>0 0 0 1</emissive>
  17.     </material>
  18.   </visual>
  19.   <light name='light_source' type='point'>
  20.     <pose>0 0 0 0 0 0</pose>
  21.     <attenuation>
  22.       <range>0.20</range>
  23.       <linear>0.10</linear>
  24.     </attenuation>
  25.     <diffuse>0 0 0 1</diffuse>
  26.     <specular>0 0 0 1</specular>
  27.   </light>
  28. </link>
  29. <plugin name='light_control' filename=''>
  30.   <service_name>enable</service_name>
  31.   <light>
  32.     <id>light_link/light_source</id>
  33.     <enable>false</enable>
  34.     <duration>1</duration>
  35.     <interval>0</interval>
  36.     <color>1 1 1</color>
  37.   </light>
  38. </plugin>
  39. <parent>head_link</parent>
  40. <child>light_model::light_link</child>

Thanks in advance

You have not installed the package Ignition Math6.

Follow this instructions to install it.

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Thanks @rtellez
But unfortunatelly they don’t provide the libignitionmath number 6 …
It was just available the previous…until 5…

Is there someone of these that can enable the light/led plugin?

ok I needed to change a lot of library and messages in Cmake list, cmake and packagexml according to the libraries provided…because the repository just provide some versions of libraries: commom, math and transport…And to get worst these libraries version need to be combined properly with you Gazebo version to work…
In my case Gazebo 7 is “old” and there is not any “ignition commom librarie” compatible with it…so If I delete these required dependencie from my original package dowloaded from OSRF, I am going to desconfigure everything, and I also can’t change the files…in this way…
too complex to just ad a led or light to a urdf model…
And I will not in this moment delete my GAzebo 7 to update to Gazebo 9 or 10 just to finish this extra exercise for jibo project.
So maybe it should be interesting to put on the site…an observation. That the Led/light exercise will just work with Gazebo 8,9 or 10.