Alternative Version Gurdy - Controllers not load: Exercise U3-3


I have created a new version of Gurdy with xacro. Converted for the urdf…and it was appearing in Gazebo…it was well generated…
I have added a diff-drive plugin in order to make it walk with cmd_vel topic, as asked in exerice 1 from U3-3. And it worked the first time (not good because the robot was lying on the floor, but MOVED in the direction I desired). But now even the meshes are not loaded…don’t know why ( I delete and copy to gazebo as recommended…)
In this way I have adapt the script you have given as an example in the end of the lesson to my gurdy_version adding and renaming the topics…in order to fit with my new ns of the robot…
The fact is that I could not try to use this script to work with my model…because for some reason the controls are not launched. In this I share with you my alternative_gurdy version Package is in this link (github):

If one of you could help me…I will be very grateful. I am exciting to see Gurdy makes magic!

the launch file is : spawn_new_gurdy_drive.launch
and my the script I want to test is:
I accept good hints to finish U3-3 exercise faster (I am a little late:sweat_smile:)

Thanks in advance.

I’ll work n this today and see if I can give you a standard solution.

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Hi ,

I just uploaded the solutions for 3.2 and 3.3. There are in a link at the bottom of the URDF course UNit3. There ou will find the updated version of gurdy and the scripts for jumping, IMU detection of falling and moving gurdy with cmd_vel topics. Hope it helps you to understand better the course.

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Ok Thanks very much @duckfrost ! You have done an excellent job! And implementing your code, I could understand how to use the cmd_vel and imu through the subscribers to perform the tasks required. The jump of the robot was incredible, Pretty High!! I confess I have stopped my implementation just in the half before looking yours…it is a lot advanced and time comsumption, so thanks!