Analytical Equations of the Robot_localisation package

Does anyone know where I can find the relevant paper or the mathamatical derivation of the Kalman Filter model that the robot_localisation package uses? I am trying to understand the mathamatical concepts behind the EKF SLAM and so want to know the state space model drivation, Observation matrix, measurement matrix and the covariance matrix that robot_localisation package uses in the backend to compute the state estimation of the robot.

Hello @Has22 ,

You should have a look at the Kalman filters course.

Thanks @albertoezquerro , does the course also cover how the 3D state space model is derived that the robot_localisation package uses? I read the paper that the robot_localisation pacakage is assosciated with but it only mentions that a “standard 3D kinematic model derived from Newtonian mechanics” but I am not entirely sure what makes a standard 3D kinematic model.