Any success stories?

Hi, I just completed the two free courses, and while I found a few things wonky in the interface, I’m compelled to join and go all-in. I’m just curious what others who have joined and gone much further think about the program in general, and if any of the members here have had success from taking these courses, gotten new jobs, changed careers, etc.

I’d love (as I’m sure others would) to hear any feedback you may have.



That is a very good question Travis!

I’m Ricardo from The Construct.
We do not have such data. The only data we have is that a few robotics companies we do projects with, they reported to us that some new hires studied ROS in our academy.

So far we cannot establish as a causal relation that having studied in our academy led them to that job, but the thing is that they got a job on robotics and they studied with us.

We will do some research about this question during the new year and post the results.

Keep pushing your ROS learning!