Are there any plans to launch courses on using just waveshare jetbot kit?

I was very excited when I heard about ignisbot course , however the product is to costly due to the exchange rate between INR and EUR . For the actual conversion price, I can get a turtle bot in India with lidars etc. However I can import just waveshare or any other jet bot for a significantly lesser price so i was wondering if there are any plans to launch courses related to it ?


We are so happy that you are so excited about our course!
We really encourage all of the RobotIgniteStudents to create their own version of IgnisBot. That’s why we added a list of materials in the IgnisBotShop.
We can confirm that there is one course to be done by the end of this month about Reinforcement learning with IgnisBot and another of ROS2 conversion for your IgnisBot.

We encourage you and anyone to post in this forum a BOM for your corresponding countries so that we can have as many people using IgnisBot. So please post where to find the corresponding components in India for all the other students.

Thanks a lot

PD: For example, this robot kit has the same basic chassis, although it doesn’t have the Jetson Nano related boards, its somewhere to start.

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@duckfrost Thank you sir i am actually trying to figure out a supply chain where indian users can get it as cheap as possible. Will soon update it here.

I have one more question since jetson nano already support RP2Lidar can i put a hole on top of my robot and via which i can bring a USB cable and attach to ignisbot ? Since there are import charges in my country , while importing I want to import as whole that way atleast i can overcome delivery charges. Thank You

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