Autoware.AI vs Autoware.Auto: Path Planners Switch and runtime-manager Interface

Hi @staff I do not know if any how far you are on Autoware.Auto or Autoware.AI. However I am having an issue to apply new path planners and switch them on Autoware.Auto.
If you have specific knowledge or know some person that can help to assist me on this issue. Please let me know.
The doubt is completely described below:

I would like to talk to Josh Whitley directly however I do not have a direct contact with him.

Hi Marcus, impressive issue analysis that you have put there. Unfortunately, at present we cannot help you on that due to a deep lack of knowledge of the Autoware software. However, I have forwarded your question to the main leader of the project (from Apex.AI) requesting him to answer you in Gitlab. I hope he will be able to answer you soon.

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