C++ for ROS, where and which contents choose to learn?

Hi @staff. I have already learned ROS with python, and also done other projects with Python (using Functions, classes, inheritance, OOP, etc…). But now I would like to learn C++. I was looking at this site some possibilities https://www.codespaces.com/best-c-plus-plus-courses-tutorials-certifications.html
The courses are kind for a specific purpose with C++ (web developer, create videogames, etc).
However I am still confuse in which course to select to learn C++ not just for ROS (but mainly), but also to understand this language as I understand python. I know that RIA offers a ROS with C++, I have done this one with python…would the ROS with C++ course enough? Could you recommend me a good plataform to understand c++ ? It seems that for ROS pointers in C++ is important according to https://www.theconstructsim.com/learn-ros-python-or-cpp/, right?


Yes you need a good knowledge of pointers. We are not recommending any site in particular because we want people to start with Python. However, you should be able good tutorials/lessons on C++ online, and you will probably need more than one.

The question you need to answer, according to the article, is “Why do you want to learn ROS C++?” Learning C++ is not a piece of cake, so you must have a very strong reason.