Cannot spawn robot model in Gazebo

Hi, I tried out the MoveIt Setup Assistant with my own urdf file which consists of 4 Panda Arms connected to a plain base_link. Now everything seemed to workout and I can see and plan in Rviz but the generated urdf file for gazebo (generated by MoveIt Setup Assistant) does not work. I checked for inertia tags but it just does not load into Gazebo. I launch an empty world in Gazebo and let the model spawn which happens any errors in terminal. But in the same instant Gazebo dies. Do you have some tipps for trouble shooting @staff?


Well actually I personally never used a autogenerated URDF file, all of them I did them myself. It could be that moveit generated files in Gazebo don’t work. In fact if you have your OWN urdf file, its easier for you to edit it adding the necessary elements for gazebo simulation, which are basically the inertias and materials. You will also have to add the controllers for each arm, which that might have most of the work.