Cant create a proper map


In unit 2 exerise 2.1 while i am creating a map, the map on the rviz screen always confuses.
position of the robot changes suddenly and keeps mapping from that new point although the robot was not there in the simulation… as a result different maps get mixed together.
In case i was moving the robot so fast, i have moved very slow but nothing changed.
I stopped and launched the start_mapping.launch but nothimg changed
Below there is a screen shot:

While i was moving the robot through red arrow line (drawn by me on the right of screen shot) the robot on the rviz screen moved until the end of the yellow arrow and then after i made the turn robot appeared on the blue spot on the rviz screen and kept mapping as if it was there while kept moving the robot in the simulation.

That happens many points of the simulation so i end up with a very strange map.

This time i started mapping from the larger spaces where i didnt have to make severe turns, and although there are small confuses in the created map, i kept moving and finally map corrected itself properly and i get an excelent map.


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