Can't run launch file to spawn my Mira URDF model with one controller


I am in section 3-Using URDF for Gazebo, and I have a problem trying to launch my file “start_mira_with_onecontroller.launch”, to spawn my Mira URDF model into Gazebo only with the roll_joint controller. When I try to launch this file, the webshell shows me this:

I don’t know what does this means. I have followed the notebook instructions until this point, and I got stuck here. I am using the files from the notebook (start_mira_with_onecontroller.launch, mira_onejoint_control.launch, spawn_mira_with_onecontroller.launch, mira_control.yaml, mira_with_onecontroller.urdf) but I don’t know what happens. If someone could help me, I would really appreciate it.

Thanks a lot.

Hi @a01731815, welcome to the community :slight_smile:

When reading Error messages, the actual error is always at the bottom, and everything above is ‘the path’ leading up to this error. You can see that it did not find the package “my_mira_package”. Common causes for this are:

  • you didnt compile your package
  • you did not source the devel/setup.bash (you have to do that for EVERY Terminal you want to use)
  • you have a spelling mistake. Make sure the launch file calls the exact package name
  • package names are defined in the pack age.xml and CMakeLists.txt NOT the folder name. If you created the package by duplicating an old package and changing names and definitions, this can cause the issue

Thank you very much, @simon.steinmann91 ! I had a spelling mistake in the package name in one of the files, that was the problem.

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