Could'nt under links connections in MIRA

Thank you for such a beautiful lecture. :slight_smile:
I was having some confusion about how the links were joined in the Mira URDF.
I think there should be 2 main links i.e. base and body (except the eyes and cameras etc.)
right? and now these 2 should be connected through three joints (i.e. for Roll,pitch and Yaw), but in the URDF File, you seem to only join the head and base through YAW joint only. why and how? :slight_smile:

Plus please explain these lines:
Run RVIZ. The part about loading your own RVIZ is commented. The first time you launch this, just save the RVIZ config file and then you will have all that is needed.

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  1. The body is connected to the yaw joint because the yaw is the one that is connected to the pitch an dthe pitch t the roll and the roll to the base. So we just have to conect the body to the last joint of the tree so it inherits all roll, pithc and yaw movements.

  2. As for that line, it just tells you to start RVIZ empty wihout any config file, then add the elements needed and then save it to a file. Once that is done , then the next time you can start RVIZ with that rviz config file.

Hope it helped.

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Ohh got it. THanks, it helped!

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