Error no control manager

Receiving this error:
Waiting for service controller_manager/load_controller here the contorller_manager fails to load and that’s it it returns with Controller Spawner couldn't find the expected controller_manager ROS interface and nothing loads into gazebo. It has to be the control manager for gazebo since it runs just fine in Rviz.


Normally that error is related to some error in the URDF or the Control configuratin files or luanches.
Maybe you forgot to put the namepsace, or missspelled something?

Check the solutions in the course or this git to see if something is different: git clone

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I was loading the prismatic feet controllers using this "basefoot_peg_M1_basefoot_peg_M1_joint_joint" in my control launch file and in my yaml file which is incorrect. Now I have to fix this

. My xacro file will load any number of gurdy’s into gazebo when I try to delete it says they don’t exist, but don’t worry about it I’ll figure it out. Not going to make a new topic just thought it was interesting and kind of funny.


The best way to delet them is just click the restart button of The simulation and you start clean :wink:
As for the primatic joints issue, dont quite got the error there :wink:

Yes I was aware of that, the delete function is faster so I was still going to look into it to see if I can find anything if I do I will update the post here so it can be made available to the community.

The delete wasn’t working because I forgot to fill in the<arg name=robot_name value= I forgot to put in gurdy for the value so it was blank in the launch files, so their was no robot named gurdy. The delete file requires a name so it failed.
Thank again

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