Error when trying to execute robotic movement in rviz


I’m trying to run a simulation of a ur10e in rviz. The planning seems to be working fine, but the execution is failing.

[move_group-4] [ERROR] [1711012747.785348441] [moveit.simple_controller_manager.follow_joint_trajectory_controller_handle]: Action client not connected to action server: ur_manipulator_controller/follow_joint_trajectory
[move_group-4] [ERROR] [1711012747.785351894] [moveit_ros.trajectory_execution_manager]: Failed to send trajectory part 1 of 1 to controller ur_manipulator_controller
[move_group-4] [INFO] [1711012747.785355290] [moveit_ros.trajectory_execution_manager]: Completed trajectory execution with status ABORTED …
[move_group-4] [INFO] [1711012747.785390210] [moveit_move_group_default_capabilities.execute_trajectory_action_capability]: Execution completed: ABORTED
[rviz2-6] [INFO] [1711012747.785594970] [move_group_interface]: Execute request aborted
[rviz2-6] [ERROR] [1711012747.786399287] [move_group_interface]: MoveGroupInterface::execute() failed or timeout reached

This is a section of the traceback which includes the errors i’ve got. I’ve checked the moveit_controllers.yaml file and listed the actions to make sure that the follow_joint_trajectory action_ns was under the ur_manipulator_controller.

This is how my moveit_controllers.yaml file looks:

moveit_controller_manager: moveit_simple_controller_manager/MoveItSimpleControllerManager

- ur_manipulator_controller

type: FollowJointTrajectory
action_ns: follow_joint_trajectory
default: true
- shoulder_pan_joint
- shoulder_lift_joint
- elbow_joint
- wrist_1_joint
- wrist_2_joint
- wrist_3_joint
action_ns: follow_joint_trajectory
default: true

Any suggestions on how I can fix this?

Hi, since you are using rviz2 I will assume this is ROS 2.

My guess here would be that you are not launching the robot arm controllers correctly.

You can check the controller state with ros2 control list_controllers. The active controller is also in charge of publishing a topic like joint_states, so I recommend checking its correct functioning before launching anything related to MoveIt2 (move_group).

You can learn more how to successfully use ros2 control in our ROS 2 Control Course.

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