Exercise 2.11 How to change map update interval

Hi, in this exercise i’m supposed to change the mapping intervall to 15sec, i can launch it and i see the map in rviz but when measuring the time, its about 5sec, which is the default, so i think i didnt overwrite it. This is my launch file:

I’m thankful for any help :slight_smile:

Hi @woeberinroslol ,

You must define your parameter like as follows:

<param name="/slam_gmapping/map_update_interval" type="double" value="15.0"/>

You will find this when you run the gmapping launch file. Soon after you launch the gmapping launch file, it will print out the parameters on the screen. From there you can understand how parameters are defined.

That should fix your problem. I had the same issue when I did the course.


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Thank you very much. Works perfectly now :slight_smile:

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