Fail to run rviz for urdf file

Hi, i’m trying to check my model created in urdf, but error ocurrs when i was trying to launch my rviz session

Did you try to open the graphical tool screen first and then run the command ?

Hi @Lzy ,

Which command did you try to open rviz?

If it is a launch file, could you share the file, please?

i opeded the graphicla tool and find that part of the model is missing.
i guesss there’s somethig wrong with the joint part

i use the cmd:
roslaunch my_gurdy_description urdf_visualize.launch model:=’$(find my_gurdy_description)/urdf/my_gurdy.urdf’

And shown below is the launch file:

interface of rivz
there’s warnig that there’s no transition between upperleg_M1_link to base_link, but i do create a joint between head_link and upperleg_M1_link, no idea why it happens


There might be an error somwhere in the URDF or the launch file, becuase it should appear like this:

Here I leave two gists with the code needed:



Have a look in your code and see where it might be an issue.

The command to launch it is:

roslaunch my_mira_description urdf_visualize.launch model:=‘$(find gurdy_description)/urdf/gurdy.urdf’

Tell us if it worked :wink:

Hi, the error seem to be a mistake in comment: the red ‘- -’ in line 164 as shown below

this fatal comment wastes me hours, lmao :sweat_smile:
i don’t know if there’s other method excepet to comment large chunks of code in urdf, like ‘’’ ; ‘’’ in py file.
But anyway, everyone who come to help are greatly appreciated.