Feedback of quiz statement

Kindly guide about the quiz issue…all things are fine but feedback of quiz is saying about rostopic list…
The topic list told in quiz is the same in my list too…last time i also added the elbow_joint in .yaml file, but as it was not shown in given quiz so i removed this joint from .yaml file…
The feedback of quiz image is attached if you could tell what i am missing that is told in feedback report. I got 8.0 marks but i want to know the mistake i am making

Hello @misbahsuhail123 ,

First of all, sorry for the late response. Could you please send me to the package related to the Quiz? I’d like to test it directly so that I can better check what’s failing in the autocorrection.


Hello @misbahsuhail123 ,

I was doing some tests with your Quiz packages, and I was getting a mark of them when correcting them. Can you please confirm this has been solved?

yes solved. thank you