Dear Experts @staff . I have finished the classes and will take the exam very soon ( I am just reviewing the classes and completing the gaps which were left in these days…). So I have some questions before start the exam:

1 - Have I some limited time to finish, when I access it ( for example 3 hours…a deadline to finish?? or something like that?) I am afraid to access and appear some job in my lab and need to stop it…so is recommended do on weekend?
2 - When doing the exam, exist the possibility to access and read the “Review notebook classes” windows, to read the class and remember some specific steps ? or not?
3- Is mandatory or very well recommended to realize the course module “Your first Robot” to deal with this exam or build some real robot?, because in the moment I have no time and money to build this robot unfortunately hehe…
4 - Is the exam is like a QUIZ, in which I send it and is corrected automatically?
5 - In the certification appears my score, or thing like that? If reproved in exam, is possible to try again?
6- How much estimated time is calculated to finish this exam? I need to organize myself to take the required time to finish it…

Other question: I would like to receive notifications when you give a live class to watch online and make question. Could you please activate this for me or tell me how to do this?



I’m not the one in charge of the exams but I’ll ask and hope to answer you as soon as possibel ;).

Just tell you that the exams beter do them when you have time to do them from start to finish.

And “Your First robot” realy doesnt have much related to URDF course.

Hello @marcusvini178,

I already posted this answer yesterday, but somehow it didn’t get uploaded. Let’s go by parts:

  1. You have 4 hours to complete the exam. So don’t worry, it’s more than enough time to finish it.
  2. Yes, you will have access to the Review Notebooks feature while on the Exam.
  3. No, that course is not necessary in order to complete this Exam.
  4. Yes, it is like a Quiz. When you finish it and test that everything works as expected, you will have to correct it just as you did with Quizzes.
  5. Yes, the score appears in your certificate. And yes, you have 2 trials to complete the Exam.
  6. I think it can be done in 2 hours, 3 at most. In fact, in future versions of the Exam we will reduce the time.

For the last question, I recommend you to subscribe to our Youtube channel and most important, click on the bell button. This last thing will activate the notifications so that anytime we post a new video or do a live event, you will get notificated.

Hope this helps,

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