Fix instructions for launch file right before the start of 3.1 URDF

RIght before the start of section 3.1, we are instructed to run this command:
roslaunch my_mira_description start_mira_with_controllers.launch

However, we’ve never been instructed to make this launch file. Prior to this we’ve made the launch file:
roslaunch my_mira_description start_mira_withonecontroller.launch

Since it’s the end of the exercise, are we supposed to run this again? If so, why? What’s changed?

I looked at the solutions and saw all of the files in the solutions (that we were never told to create!). I created and copied all of code and was just about to run rosrun and something happened and all of the files I’ve created are gone. My src folder is empty! Help!

@bayodesegun can you take a look? There seems to be quite a few issues with that lesson.